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Our Internet marketing solutions will help you get the amount of traffic you want to your site in order to achieve your sales goals and make more money. Our Internet marketing process involves careful needs analysis, program development, execution, results-evaluation, program modification, and execution.

We help customers integrate Internet marketing solutions with their overall marketing strategy to create synergies that maximize the effectiveness of both.

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Internet Marketing Solutions Offered:

Site Marketing
- Develop a strategic plan to generate more traffic, sales, and profit
- Develop strategies to increase site stickiness (the amount of time visitors spend on your site) and conversion ratios (the percentage of visitors who buy).
- Page optimization to maximize search engine rankings for specific keywords
- Search engine submission
- Set up and manage pay per click search engine advertising campaigns on Google and Yahoo! Search Marketing.
- Set up traffic monitoring that will give you valuable information on the number of people visiting your site, referring sites, and paths visitors take through your site.
- Create an effective referral program.
- Create an affiliate program to drive traffic to your site.

General Marketing
- Crossover marketing that integrates your physical presence and Web presence
- Branding and logo development
- Banner ad creation and placement. Make rich media banner ads incorporating Flash technology.
- E-mail list program setup and online subscription form integration
- Create or consult on e-mail sent to customers to enhance the business relationship. This includes sales e-mail, newsletters, or announcements.

Search Engines

The majority of Internet users start with search engines to find what they are looking for. Therefore it is critical to have your site listed on these engines so people will find and visit your Web site.

Pratt Systems knows the best search engines and directories and how to get the highest possible ranking on each.

We help you optimize your pages so they are properly indexed by title, description, and keyword. We will help you get the highest possible listing for each key search word that is relevant to your site.

Pratt Systems will get you listed on the top search sites that generate over 95% of Web searches. These Include including Google, Yahoo!, MSN, Alta Vista, Open Directory Project, AlltheWeb, and America Online.

Call us at 858-888-9065 or click here to submit a sales inquiry for a free consultation on your Internet marketing needs.

Site Optimization and Submission Service
1. Comprehensive site analysis and optimization. We carefully evaluate every page of your site and make suggestions to improve search engine ranking, site functionality, page content, and visitor conversion rate. Prepare a detailed report.
2. Phone review of report to answer any questions and make additional suggestions as needed.
3. Generate a prioritized list of keywords and keyphrases. We use a special application that will help choose the most relevant keywords that are searched most frequently.
4. Help you optimize the text content of your site for search engine ranking.
5. Create title, description, and keyword tags. These tags will be sent to you so you can add them to your HTML code.*
6. Initial hand submission to the primary search engines. Follow up and make sure your site is accepted.
- Note: Hand submission includes submission to the Open Directory Project which provides search information to:
Google directory, Google search engine, Lycos, All the Web, Alta Vista, AOL search, and HotBot.
7. Provide guidance on how to increase the number of sites linking to your site.
8. Optimizing Your Web pages for Search Engine listing e-book, $29.95 value.

1. $499.95 for small business sites with five or fewer pages. This includes optimization of up to five (5) pages.

2. $999.95 for larger business sites with more than five pages or more than one employee. This includes optimization of up to twenty (20) pages.

* While Pratt Systems can support you in adding title, description, and keyword tag code to your pages all page changes are the customer’s responsibility. Any page updates done by Pratt Systems will be billed separately.

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Small business sites. One time cost of $499.95
Large business sites. One time cost of $999.95

Internet Advertising Management Service
This service includes setup of Google, Yahoo! Search Marketing, and MSN advertising campaigns. These are auction based pay per click (PPC) advertising networks where you bid on relevant keywords and only pay when someone clicks on your advertisement. Your ads will show up in the "sponsored" results section on the major search engines when someone searches for a keyword relevant to your ad. People like to click on these ads because they are relevant to what they are looking for. These three search engine networks account for 90.7% of all Internet searches so you are sure to get excellent Internet exposure for your product or service.

Advertising campaign management includes initial account setup and consistent search term and bid optimization to maximize your return on investment. Every month you are sent an advertising results report with information on the number of clicks to your site, the average cost per click, and the total cost.

This service is designed to suit the needs of small and large advertisers alike. The initial service cost is low and increases as your total advertising budget (and profits) increase. The advertising management fee is the minimum fee or a small percentage of your total monthly advertising spend (whichever is greater). There is a twelve (12) month contract for this service.

Fee Schedule
Item Rate
Setup fee for new AdGroups $2/search term/network ($200 minimum due in advance)
Monthly service fee

10% of advertising spend ($50 per month minimum)

- Pay setup fee depending on number of networks and search terms using PayPal

Note: You will need to set aside at least $200-600 to fund the Yahoo! Search Marketing and Google advertising accounts.

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Setup Fee depends on number of networks and search terms.

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